Axe Crossbows Axe Crossbow Kit 405fps Camo AX40001 Velocity: 405 fps, Length: 27.75

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Product Info for Axe Crossbows Axe Crossbow Kit 405fps Camo

The AX405 crossbow is best characterized as; Performance. Optimized. At a compact and maneuverable 27.75-inches long and 10-inches axle-to-axle (cocked) the weight of the crossbow is centered over the shooter?s hand by way of a balanced shoot-through stock and riser design and reverse limb system. This configuration empowers the most efficient part of the AX405 210-pound split limbs to deliver bolt speeds in excess of 400 feet-per-second from just 13-inches of power stroke. A proprietary cam system is linked by cables that run parallel to each other rather than from the top of one cam to the bottom of the other. This unique configuration eliminates cam-lean limb torque and is further enhanced by an exclusive cable brace that engages the riser to aid in the limitation of flex away from the center of the crossbow. When combined these features allow the string to move along the same plane throughout the entire power stroke. Unlike the one-piece aluminum rail concepts of conventional crossbow designs that rob speed efficiency and bolt life the stock of the AX405 eliminates the rail and utilizes dual carbon guide rods along the entire length of the stock. When combined with the shoot through riser and a roller rest on the bow?s front end these features create a free-floating arrow system that mitigates contact friction and torque along the arrow?s entire path further enhancing efficiency accuracy and speed output. Comes with a multi-range reticle scope with markings for 20-100 yards in 10 yard increments. Red/green illumination for different lighting conditions helps you see the reticle clearly. The scope features a wide field of view and is both shock and fog proof.Adjustable Butt StockAdjustable Cheek CombShoot Through RiserBalanced Center of Mass (Centered of the Trigger / Hand Grip)Integrated Crank with Cock / De-Cock Feature (Adjustable handle position)Trigger (3.7 lbs. and zero creep)Safest Trigger on the Market (Automatically resets to safe every shot)Full Capture Tunable Roller Rest85 percent Cam EfficiencyErgonomic Chassis DesignIntegrally Mounted 3 Arrow QuiverMulti Range Illuminated Reticle ScopeAdjustable Foot Peg(3) AXE micro diameter bolts with 100 grain practice tips

Specifications for Axe Crossbows Axe Crossbow Kit 405fps Camo:

Velocity: 405 fps
Length: 27.75 in
Weight: 9.5 oz

Package Contents:

  • Axe Crossbows Axe Crossbow Kit 405fps Camo


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